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International Coaches, Speakers and best selling business authors Andrea Callanan and Emma Van Heusen, are the brain childs behind Real Women's Business, a no nonsense, straight talking mastermind for ambitious women who are ready to create more impact, income and freedom in their lives and business.

This is for you if you want to uplevel your life and business on your terms.

This is for you if you want your next edge. 

This is about TRUE wealth where you activate the best life for you and your family.

You get to jump in the car and do the school run as well as jump on a plane and do business.

With a combined 35 years experience in coaching and mentoring, having impacted 10,000's of female business owners you get to learn from two international entrepreneurs who have built their businesses from the ground up and created wildly fulfilling/exciting lives in the process whilst having more time for their relationships, children and what's really important to them.

..and the good. news is that they will show you how you can do the same.

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The Real Women's Business Mastermind

For women who want to scale and grow their businesses without burning out or compromising their lifestyle and relationships

For women who want to scale and grow their businesses without burning out or compromising their lifestyle and relationships

Real Women's Business is  created by two powerhouses, Andrea Callanan and Emma Van Heusen, international speakers, coaches, best selling authors and business besties

This mastermind is for you if you are an ambitious female business owner who wants meaningful success so you can have more time, fulfilment and financial freedom in your life and businesses.

The Real Women's Business Mastermind is their high calibre coaching container which transforms business and packs a no BS punch.

Now, entering it's third cohort, following some outstanding results with women hitting their best ever business months and having more confidence and clarity than ever, it's your chance to experience some of the same.

This is designed for women who are serious about scaling and growing their business.....if that's you.....then read on!

This looks great. I'm in.

It's Time to Upgrade Your Personal & Business Systems!


  • Do you want more fulfilment, impact and joy in your life and business?

  • Are you ambitious and know you want more financial success? 

  • Do you need to stop being cinderella and start being the CEO in your business so it can grow?

  • Do you want more space in your schedule for YOU? 

  •  How about investing in a mastermind that REALLY works?

It's Your Time To Claim It......and with Andrea and Emma's help and the implementation of their R.E.A.L Business method, you'll get there sooner that you think.


Hang on - what's this about a method? 


Part of our mission is to make growing your business and your CEO journey as simple and accessible as possible. 

Ease is an eternal quest in business because isn't always easy. Especially if you work for the main part, alone.

As entrepreneurs who have grown our businesses from the ground up, we understand the need for clarity and  strategy which can be implemented fast.

Our method, aims to include ingredients that create more ease and support along the way to thriving in your business.

Along with our monthly call schedule which includes group mentoring, mindset, marketing and strategy, we incorporate these core elements of our R.E.A.L womens business system throughout.


Take a closer look here.

Retreats are at the heart of our success. We know these immersive intensives are game changing for our masterminders and yeild great clarity and results

Excitement leads the way - as certified Positive Psychology coaches, we know that your energy is everything and we cultivate this for you to thrive

Affluence describes the freedom of lifestyle and income YOU choose when you work with us. And we help you achieve this. 

Legacy is really what it's all about. Consciously making an impactful and lasting difference to the wider world and that of you and yours which has longevity and purpose

I love this... it's exactly what I need.

"I searched and searched for the right type of help to grow my business, not knowing if I needed personal or business coaching. In the Real Women’s Business Mastermind I found both! Andrea and Emma have given us an incredible array of tools, mindset sessions and practical help which has delivered robust results across the board with a fabulously supportive cohort! Highly recommended!

Kath H.

I see you....doing ALL the things...

    ❌ Too busy
    ❌ Not enough time for your personal life
    ❌ Stressed out
    ❌ Feeling guilty over your parenting
    ❌ Feeling like a rubbish friend or partner
    ❌ Feeling your anxiety 
    ❌ With your lack of self care 
    ❌ Overwhelmed


All of the above will be reflecting on your business!!!

It's time to break through the barriers that are keeping you stuck at your current income level so you can have more ease, meaning and choice in your life.

Don't Take Our Word For It... .Read some REAL Comments Below

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So, You Want More...

You've identified you want more and given yourself permission to rise....AND you know you need support, but you're not drawn to masterminds where the coaches seem so far away from where you're at they've forgotten what it's like.

We're opening up conversation for women who want more but can’t see how to get there without burning out or losing their relationships because the mental and work load is too much!

Achieving balance and creating real legacy that means something in your life and business as a female entrepreneur.

Both of these powerhouse women have worn the battle scars and learnings from their businesses and are ready to hold space for you to learn and grow from their experience and expertise.

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What's Included?

  • 3, 6 or 12 Month Mastermind Experience.
    Focus on Group Mentoring, Mindset, Marketing & Strategy

  • Us personally holding your hand throughout your growth journey

  • Access to the R.E.A.L Business Method

  • Aligned cohort of like minded Badass women

  • Monthly curated guest expert masterclasses

  • Access to us personally

  • Immersive retreats

  • Access to OUR network

  • Exclusive Facebook Success Community 

Who's Behind The Real Women's Business Mastermind?

We're so glad you asked - Meet Your Hosts

Your Coaches and facilitators are, not one, but two powerhouse female entrepreneurs.

We're Andrea and Emma, and In case you’re not familiar with us, we are best business buddies who are joining forces to offer you our combined experience, expertise and wisdom for some real talk in how to move your business forward, between us we are BOTH:

⚡️ International Speakers

⚡️ International Coaches 

⚡️ Co-authors of the number one international Amazon Business Best Seller, You Are Meant For More

⚡️ Part of an exclusive invite only group of female entrepreneurs from around the globe to mastermind on Richard Branson's Necker Island because of their successful work with entrepreneurs and business owners just like you

⚡️ Been exactly where you are now and implemented these same strategies in our businesses.

⚡️ We have taught thousands of women to reach their next level in business

Hi! I'm Andrea Callanan...

I’m recognised as one of the leading authorities in Fast Results Transformational  Coaching.

Over the past 30 years as a coach and mentor, I've built a long track record of achievement for both myself -- and my clients -- which means you’re in good hands! I'm a multi-entrepreneur and developing people is my jam!

I’m the founder of multiple high level, transformational courses covering mindset, business strategy, business energetics and speaking and I have a vibrant 121 coaching practice. 

As a musician-turned-entrepreneur, I’m a vibrant motivational international speaker. Since starting my voice coaching career 30 years ago, I’ve . . .

• Been named one of the Success 125

• Been featured in the international press alongside influencers such as Gary Vaynerchuk and Tai Lopez . . .

• Shared the stage with the likes of Simon Sinek, Sara Blakely, and Niyc Pidgeon, among others . . .

• Been named as a Top 25 Inspirational Welsh Woman . . .

• Won Small Business Guardian Leader of the Year . . .

• And snagged a spot as a Great British Entrepreneur of the Year finalist, and an Insider Magazine Rising Star.

• Former member of the highly esteemed, Forbes coaches council

• Penned my 2nd Best Selling Amazon book - Step Aside & Rise.

Hi, I’m Emma Van Heusen...

Agency Owner, Best-Selling Author and recognised as one of the top Digital Marketers globally.

I’ve worked with 1000s of female entrepreneurs over the last 5 years to help create and scale their businesses and, most importantly to experience financial freedom.

Prior to this, I spent 20 years working in the World of advertising in some of the biggest agencies for some of the largest global players.

Now I run my own agency, working with entrepreneurs in the online space who want to scale, as well as running group coaching programmes and a membership.


After having my son at 38 , I returned to work after maternity leave and recognised that corporate life and being a parent was not a combination that was worked for me. I then entered what loving call my ‘wander years’ where I freelanced with no real direction and certainly not the income I desired.

In 2018 I found myself at the Job Centre and was put on an Enterprise Initiative Scheme
that paid me just £66 a week for 13 weeks.
100 days from being on that scheme I made my
first £100k and within 7 months had built up a multiple 6-figure business.

Today I'm now an Agency Owner and I've built up a reputation globally as one of the leading Facebook Ad and Business Coaches having mentored over 600 men and women in my gold standard group training programme and membership.

What Investment is Needed From You?

Most importantly, your main investment is your commitment to yourself and your business growth.

As a fully facilitated Mastermind with live weekly teaching PLUS in person retreats included is pretty unique in our space. 

Our super popular in person retreats are hosted quarterly in the UK and abroad. These are SUCH fantastic experiences and really add an edge to the mastermind experience.

The women we work with LOVE flexibility. So for 2024 intake, we have included 3 enrolment choices with quarterly, 6 monthly or full 12 month access. 


Best value is 12 month access

You get full access to the mastermind including up to 4 immersive retreats included. This option is great for you if you want to lock in a full 12 months support and commit to transforming your business in a year.

6 month access includes 2 retreats

This option is great for you if you want to commit to 6 months support with an option to renew if desired. 

Pay in full and easy payment plan options are available to you for both 6 and 12 month enrolment options. 

Quarterly Access

This option is available to you if you want to try out the mastermind and experience 1 retreat which is included in the price. You will have options to renew. This is a pay in full option


Please note that if you are already in either Andrea or Emma's paid communities OR you are renewing your access, you may be eligible for a special price so please talk to us if this is you.

Being part of the Real Women’s Business Mastermind has really helped me see the value in myself. As a result of this I have allowed myself to invest in myself and my business even more, which is really exciting. Not only is the advice given directly to me invaluable, I also benefit from listening to the advice given to my peers. The mastermind is a super close and supportive group, led by two absolute power houses. I feel privileged and grateful to be a part of it ❤️

Kerry H.

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This option gives you a full years incredible support and access to Andrea & Emma with 4 immersive retreats included

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6 Month Access


Pay in full or payment plan available

This option gives you a full 6 months incredible support and access to Andrea & Emma with 2 immersive retreats included

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3 Month Access


Pay in full to taste the mastermind

This option gives you support and access to Andrea & Emma for 3 months, with 1 immersive retreat included

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Frequently Asked Questions

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We know this is a discerning investment. Also, we sometimes have applicants who aren't ready yet to work with us. If you need a chat, we're very happy to explore with you about whether the Real Women's Business Mastermind is the right fit for you.

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